male to female

Our clinic offers a one-stop location for all gender reassignment surgical and non-surgical male to female medical treatments. We can either guide patients from ground up, starting with a high standard psychiatric evaluation and aftercare, hormonal therapy, epilation, aesthetic treatments and various surgical procedures, such as facial feminization, breast augmentation, genital reassignment surgery, or treat patients with previous surgeries or treatments. Our team has over 35 years of experience treating female transgender patients and a comfortable experience in our clinic is guaranteed.

female to male

Male transgender patients may receive a full-scale treatment in our clinic, including psychiatric evaluation, hormonal therapy and a variety of surgical procedures such as mastectomy, hysterectomy, phalloplasty, metoidioplasty etc. The most modern techniques and standards of care are applied, and each patient is treated individually, according to his preference and corporal individualities.

Our clinic

Our team consists of a group of renown physicians with worldwide experience specialized in treating both male and female transgender patients as well as fully trained staff of nurses and other personnel. Our clinic is based in Thessaloniki, Greece but also practices in Athens, according to the needs of our patients. Surgical procedures are performed at the “Interbalkan medical center” of Thessaloniki, the biggest and most modern medical facility of Greece, which meets and exceeds all the universal standards and qualifications.

Inside our clinic, patients can enjoy the comforts of our international patients’ department, which can ensure a pleasant and well-balanced stay during the medical treatments. When a prolonged stay is anticipated, we can arrange the accommodation in one of our partner hotels in the vicinity of the clinic. Our physicians will discuss with you all the individual modalities of your case and our staff will arrange all other formalities of your visit in our clinic.

Aftercare is provided in a regular basis, including direct contact to our surgeons and physicians via our online portal and future medical treatment is always available. Patients with complicated medical history and also HIV-positive transgender patients are welcome.

Gender reassignment surgery

Choosing the right clinic for gender reassignment surgery is very crucial and a certain level of trust must be established, before moving forward. These procedures are life-changing in every possible way and have to be regarded seriously. Every decision and planning are tailored individually to match each patient’s personal preference and anatomical properties. Whatever the choice, our goals are simple: functionality and natural appearance.