About Us

Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou MD

Plastic surgeon

Info: Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou is a board certified plastic surgeon, active in Thessaloniki and Athens and in charge of the surgical reassignment procedures, of both transgender men and women

Dr. Andreas Andreou MD


Info: Dr. Andreou is a board certified urologist, active in Thessaloniki and Cyprus and who provides urological care for transgender patients

Dr. Manos Pramateftakis MD PhD

General Surgeon

Info: Dr. Pramateftakis is a specialized colorectal surgeon active in Thessaloniki and Athens who performs colon vaginoplasty for MtF transgender patients

Dr. Toulis Konstantinos MD


Info: Dr. Toulis is a board certified endocrinologist based in Thessaloniki and performs hormonal therapy for transgender patients

Dr. Giorgos Pagkalos MD


Info: Dr. Pagkalos is a board certified psychiatrist and sexologist, specialized on working with transgender patients

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