Facial Surgery

Masculinizing Rhinoplasty

Masculinizing rhinoplasty

One important gender-affirming characteristic of the face is the nose, which can be altered to achieve a masculine appearance. The main feature which requires correction is the dorsum and its junction to the frontal bone. Female noses usually show a deeper nasal bridge with a curved junction and a less prominent dorsum. Surgical correction involves augmenting the dorsum and nose bridge.

Female to Male Facial Implantis

Facial implants

What makes a male face masculine are angles. Facial silicone or other implants can be used to create a more angular contour of the face, thus highlighting the masculine characteristics. Most facial implants can be inserted under local anesthesia and through the mouth, without visible scars.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Buccal fat pad removal

In order to create an even more angular appearance, the removal of the buccal fat pad can play an important role. The procedure is minimal invasive, performed through the mouth with local anesthesia. It results to less bulky appearance of the chins, more prominence of the malar angles and as such, a more masculine appearance.