Female to male

Female to Male Facial Surgery

FtM Facial surgery

Hormonal therapy plays a very important role, in order to achieve a masculine appearance of the face, however surgical corrections of the face can further boost the male characteristics, adjusted to the special needs of each individual patient.

Female to Male Breast Surgery

FtM Breast surgery

One of the most important procedures and usually the first to be performed when transitioning is masculinizing the female breast. There are different types of surgical approach, depending on the size of the breast and laxity of the skin and tissues.

Female to Male Body Contouring

FtM Body contouring

Female pattern obesity, which, to some extend is improved through hormonal therapy, sometimes requires further surgical correction. Liposuction is the most powerful tool when contouring the body and in some cases additional corrections might be required.

Female to Male Genital Reassesment Surgery

FtM Genital reassignment surgery

There are many techniques which allow us to reconstruct the male genitalia, however the most accepted techniques universally are the ALT- and radial flap phalloplasty. Also penile prosthetics are used to achieve the desired functional results.

Female to Male Rehabilittion


Aftercare is very important for all patients who have undergone any type of surgical or non-surgical reassignment therapy. Our team will guide you through this process and help you rehabilitate back to your social environment. Our rehabilitation includes surgical aftercare, consultations, psychiatric care, hormonal regulation and legal assistance.