Male to female


Facial FeminiSation surgery

Facial feminisation includes multiple surgical corrections, each adapted to the special needs of each individual face. It may include forehead and brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin and jaw corrections, facial implants, lip lift and other surgical corrections, depending on the needs and wishes of each patient.

Male to female breast surgery

MtF breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is the most frequent procedure performed when feminising the breasts for female transgender patients. It can be performed with silicone implants or with fat injections. In some cases, a correction of the nipples might be necessary.

Male to female Body Contouring

MtF Body contouring

Redistributing the fat or lifting some areas can contribute to a more feminine and attractive appearance. Although hormonal therapy will in some cases provide adequate results over time, these procedures can boost certain areas such as the buttocks or reduce the male fat deposits from other areas, such as the abdomen.


Genital Reassignment Surgery

The most important procedure when transitioning from male to female is the vaginoplasty, also know as genital reassignment surgery. Our technique provides excellent functional and aesthetically pleasing results with low complication rates.

Male to Female Rehabitation


Aftercare is very important for all patients who have undergone any type of surgical or non-surgical reassignment therapy. Our team will guide you through this process and help you rehabilitate back to your social environment. Our rehabilitation includes surgical aftercare, consultations, psychiatric care, hormonal regulation and legal assistance.