What is Chin and Jaw Reduction?

The facial feminization almost always includes reduction of the chin and jaw. These procedures aim to create a V-shaped lower third of the face and remove the angular or boxed appearance of the jaw. They are usually performed in combination with other procedures, such as brow lift, rhinoplasty etc.


Both these procedures are performed intraorally, which means incisions are placed only inside the mouth and are completely invisible. General anesthesia is required, and they can be performed as day surgery. The jaw angles are reduced either by trimming or by cutting the mandibular angles. The same applies for the chin, where either trimming or osteotomy is performed.


The recovery is slower in comparison to other facial procedures, due to the bone edema which occurs and can take up to six months to settle. The jaw angles usually heal faster than the chin. It is expected to feel some numbness of the chin for 2-3 months.