What is Facial Implants?

Facial enhancement with implants can complement the feminine appearance and create the desired V-shape. Most commonly used are cheek and chin implants, which are permanent devices placed directly over the cheekbone and chin respectively. The materials used can be solid silicone or rigid porous implants, choosing from many different shapes and sizes. Besides granting a V-shape, cheek implants create a better transition from the temple to cheek and a feminine appearance of the eyes.


All facial implants can be inserted under local anesthesia intraorally, placing the incisions in the mouth, although chin implants can be placed through a small incision directly below the chin. The type, shape and size are selected from a wide variety, depending on the needs of each face, usually preferring anatomical or smooth implants with little or no angles.


Recovery is usually very smooth, and the swelling takes up to 3 months to subside. Some temporary numbness of the areas is to be expected.