What is Fat Injections?

Fat injection in the face is a significant tool in facial recontouring. Unlike implants or fillers, fat does not create much projection but rather smoothens out surfaces. Fat can be harvested easily from any part of the body, usually from areas with excess fat such the abdomen, flanks and thighs, and about 30-50cc’s of fat suffice for the entire face. The areas which fat is most commonly injected are the cheeks, temples, lips, upper and lower eyelids and tear troughs. Fat injections are very versatile and can smoothen out irregularities of the face, giving a more feminine look. They are commonly used in conjunction with other procedures, such as face lifts, eyelid correction etc., and it is like photoshopping the face after main procedures.


This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, from both the donor area and face with no discomfort. The fat harvested is centrifuged to remove liquids and other undesired chunks and then injected with fine cannulas in the areas needed, adding an excess of 20-30% in order to maintain enough fat when part of it is absorbed.


After fat transfer to the face, some minor bruising might be expected, mostly around the eyes. Recovery time is 3-5 days, and with some concealer patients can return to daily routine after a week. There are no visible scars and no pain. The procedure can be repeated after 6 months if necessary.