What is Lip lift and augmentation?

Although feminization of the lips and mouth is crucial, any misstep can be devastating, creating a permanent deformity, for example after silicone injections. This is why any correction of the perioral area has to be precisely calculated and subtle. The lips can both be augmented and lifted, in order to achieve a feminine and appealing look.


Lip augmentation can be achieved using temporary fillers such as hyaluronic acid, which is very convenient, but has to be repeated every 6-10 months. A more permanent solution could be fat injection, which usually requires 2-3 sessions, because fat does not survive well in the lips and more than 50% per session might be lost. Another solution is using modified skin or other grafts, such as muscle, which are formed into strips and inserted in the lips to create better projection. This solution is very efficient, especially when combined with fat grafts. Lastly, permanent implants can be used, such as Permalip, which are specially designed silicone lip implants, not to be confused with liquid silicone injections.


When performing a lip lift, many different techniques can be used. In order to heighten the red of the lips, an incision and lift in the vermilion border can be used, either in the lateral parts of the lips, or through the cupid’s bow. Both upper and lower lip can be corrected this way, although it is not recommended to be performed simultaneously. Another important aspect is the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip border, which tends to be longer in men. This can be reduced by lifting directly under the base of the nose, through an incision which can be minimal, only above the philtrum, or extend laterally up to the nasolabial fold.


Recovery after a lip lift is usually rapid, after the initial swelling subsides. It is important to repeat that these procedures require experience and understanding of the facial anatomy, because they can be very rewarding but can also lead a transvestite appearance or other serious deformities.