Nipple relocation

What is Nipple Relocation?

Breast augmentation corrects the shape and size of the breasts, however the nipples are sometimes neglected, maintaining a masculine appearance. Relocating the nipples is important when taking in concern that in male patients, the nipples are located laterally to the midline of the breast and usually lower. This means that after a breast augmentation, the nipples will move even more laterally and lower, and will not be positioned on the maximal projection point of the breasts.


Relocation of the nipples usually requires a minimally invasive procedure, in which an incision is placed around the nipple and a periareolar lift is performed, moving the nipple inwards and upwards. The nipple itself can also be augmented, either with fat or other injections, or by summoning tissue from beneath or around the nipple.


Relocating the nipple can be performed under local anesthesia and has minimal downtime. After some months, the areola can be augmented even further with a medical tattoo, which also conceals the scars and can even recreate the 3-dimensional appearance of the areola.