What is Tracheal Shaving?

Adam’s apple is a very distinct masculine feature which can be removed to complement the feminine appearance of the face. There are different techniques which can reduce the Adam’s apple, but most commonly the tracheal shaving is preferred, due to simplicity and lack of complications.


A small incision is placed about 3-4 cm above the apple, ideally placing the scar in one of the neck folds or the neck angle. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia and in combination with other procedures. The muscles are divided and not cut, and the hyoid bone is shaved, rasped or reduced with a rotary grinder.


After the procedure there is almost no bruising and the swelling subsides after 3-4 weeks. The scar will be visible for 6 months and is minimal afterwards. Tracheal shaving can sometimes not remove the Adam’s apple completely, and in these cases other procedures are necessary. However, aggressive manipulation of the hyoid can case functional disorders.